We Don’t Need Chinese Doctors Here, They Are More Needed In Us And Europe – Apostle Suleman

Popular cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman is asking the Federal Government the reason for the coming of the Chinese medical experts in Nigeria, saying they are more needed in the US and Europe.

The Federal Government had said that they are not coming to treat any COVID-19 patient in the country but to give their advice on how they were able to tackle the pandemic in Wuhan, here it emanated from.

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“What’s this talk of Chinese doctors coming to treat people in Nigeria?..why are they not in America or europe?..the urgency is more there..I hope there is no underlining agenda..anything China does,is for their profit..i just hope it’s a wrong information…,” he tweeted.


Presently Nigeria has 254 confirmed cases of the dreaded virus after the addition of 16 new cases by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). From the 16, ten were in Lagos, 2 in the FCT, 2 in Oyo, 1 in Delta and 1 in Katsina.

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Forty-four has been discharged with six deaths recorded as well so far.

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