“We Should Stop Visiting Orphanages The Way We Do” – Writer, Tamunotonye

Twitter user, @levy_braide has shared her opinion about the way Nigerians visit the orphanage.

Putting herself in the shoes of the kids, the writer wrote about how she hated visitors as a kid and how it must be hard for kids at the orphanage seeing different faces every time and forcing smiles for pictures.

She however left an alternative to randomly visiting them without forming any relationship whatsoever to them. Tamunotonye advised that it’s better to call up the admin and send donations to the children or be a constant part of their lives by forming a genuine relationship with them because they would love “a regular childhood.”

Read Her Full Thread Below:

“I think we should stop visiting orphanages the way we do. 

“As a child I hated it when visitors came and disrupted my play time. The orphans in homes, that’s their life now. Constantly seeing different faces, forcing smiles for our pictures and putting on a show for us.

“We go there with cakes and drinks to celebrate our own birthdays. But who goes to celebrate their own birthdays with them. Some of them don’t even know their birthdays. 

“Thinking about it, if I were in their shoes I’ll begin to feel like I’m in a circus. ?

“I believe it’s okay to call the admin, donate and send things to them. 

“If you don’t plan on being a regular visitor who goes to spend genuine time with the kids or volunteer, just send in your donations. 

“Choose a day in the week to go & help them with their homework, form a reading club with them or even a Bible study club. 

“Be their big Aunty or uncle. Let them gist you about their crush, things happening in school etc. 

“This is what I believe they’ll love. A regular childhood.”

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