We Will Soon Be ‘Brexiting’ from Nigeria, Says Fani-Kayode

  • Speaks on alleged Fulanisation agenda of the north.
  • Calls for an apology from those who abused him and Nnamdi Kanu over the incident.

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former aviation minister has said the southwest and the middle belts will soon leave Nigeria.

The controversial Peoples Democratic People (PDP) chieftain said this in his latest statement posted on his social media page on Friday morning.

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This is a reaction to the cancellation of the Ruga settlement policy introduced by the government aiming to eradicate farmers-herdsmen clash that has left a lot of people dead.

Read the full statement below.

Just listen to Brexit party MEP Anne Widdicome’s passionate, courageous and inspiring speech at the European Parliament and her powerful and beautiful words.

Even at her age she is still inspiring and encouraging freedom-lovers throughout the world and breaking the chains of tyranny and oppression. That is a leader for you!

MEP Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party are by far the best friends and greatest allies of the oppressed people of southern and Middle Belt Nigeria in the United Kingdom.

Thankfully we will soon be doing what they have successfully done in the UK and Brexiting from this accursed and godless Fulani vassal state called Nigeria.

We shall be free of the terrorist Fulani herdsmen, RUGA, and the primitive and barbaric cow-lovers who hate us with a perfect hatred, who have plagued our land with poverty, death and destruction and who have afflicted our lives. Freedom comes by fire!

We shall be free of the terrorist Fulani herdsmen, Fulanisation, Islamisation and the bloodthirsty, savage, primitive, barbaric, abhorent and accursed horde of murderous dung-eaters and cow-lovers who hate us with a perfect hatred, who cursed our land with poverty, who plagued our nation with death and destruction, who afflicted our lives with pain and sorrow and who threaten us with RUGA!

Freedom comes by fire!

It is time for those who insulted Nnamdi Kanu, Asari Dokubo, my good self and others for speaking out against the Fulani agenda over the last few years to apologise. It is time for us to close ranks and prepare for what lies ahead. We either stand together or perish together.

What type of deviant, devilish and abnormal culture encourages kids to bathe in cows urine and encourages men and women to sleep with cows?

What type of people place more value on cows than human beings? What type of men laugh when a child is slaughtered but cry when a cow is killed?

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