Weird!!! Zimbabwean Man Takes Used Condoms To Court As Prove Of Sister Inlaw’s Infidelity

A Zimbabwean man identified as Inos Ndlovu, has done the ugliest thing to prove the infertility of his brother’s wife in court. Inos discovered that his brother’s wife, Nyarayi Chalisegela,  was not fateful with her marriage vows as she shared her husband’s bed with different men when he saw a man leaving his brother’s bedroom on a fateful day.

According to IHarare, He confronted his brother’s wife identified as Nyarayi Chalisegela, who denied the allegation. Inos reportedly entered into his brother’s bedroom where he found the used condom and a male underwear which doesn’t belong to his brother. Without much ado, Inos proceeded to a local court to file a case against his brother’s wife and he presented the used condoms during the illicit act as an evidence.

The local court’s presiding officer commends the effort of Inos who refused to compromise the truth after his brother’s wife had bribed him with a bucket of Maize.

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