What Happens When You block Someone on WhatsApp

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp has been dubbed the holy grail of instant messaging apps. WhatsApp is designed in such a way that anyone who has your phone number and is registered on WhatsApp can simply add and chat you up.

While this is a form of interaction and a means of growing social network, it can be annoying seeing spams, broadcast messages and the likes from your contacts. To stop this, you can attempt muting or blocking the contacts involved. Blocking your contacts means they won’t have access to you.

So what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp? Can the blocked contact reach you? Can they see your profile picture and status updates? We’ve got all the answers to your queries.

Messages sent by the blocked contact won’t be delivered

WhatsApp is concerned about users preference hence the provision of “privacy” settings. The messaging app doesn’t make it obvious that one has been blocked. In this case, the blocked contact can still see the typing box and send a message, but the messages won’t be delivered to you. Likewise, when you send message to the blocked contact, it won’t be delivered too until you unblock the contact.

Your blocked contact won’t be able to see your online/last seen

The last seen status shows the last time the person used whatapp. Once you block a contact, they won’t be able to ascertain if you’re online or not. Also, they won’t be able to see your last seen even if you have not hidden the last seen to your contacts.

Status updates will be hidden

Besides your last seen not been visible, your status message will be hidden from your blocked contacts. The person can only access your status only after unblocking the contact.

Your profile picture can’t be viewed

A blocked contact won’t be able to view your display picture instead they will see the default WhatsApp profile picture for your contact. However, you can still see the blocked person’s profile picture updates unless otherwise.

Calls will be prohibited

Besides prohibition placed on message, the blocked contact won’t be able to place a call through WhatsApp until you unblock the person. Similarly, you can’t call the individual except you unblock them.

Read receipts will not be seen

Earlier on, it was stated that messages sent by blocked contacts will not be delivered. In regards to that, the blocked contact see single grey ticks instead of blue ticks. The single grey ticks indicate that the message is yet to be delivered or will not deliver. The blue ticks means the message was read.

Group chats remain unaffected

Though the blocked contact cannot send you message personally, but if you’re in the same group chat, the two of you can exchange messages on the platform.

The blocked contact will still be on your contacts list

Despite the fact that you’ve blocked the contact on whatsapp, the said contact will still be among the list of contacts on WhatsApp and phonebook. The only time the contact won’t appear on your whatsapp is when it’s deleted from your phonebook or address book.

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