White woman threatens to report Ruggedman to the FBI over alleged fraud

A white woman believed to be American has threatened to report Ruggedman to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

According to the lady identified simply as coleendupri on twitter, Ruggedman defrauded her of money.

Coleendupri took to Ruggedman’s Dm to accuse him of defrauding her.

However, Ruggedman promptly denied the accusation while insisting to the lady that it could have been someone else on the internet that used his photos to defraud her.

Read the rest of their exchange below:

Kiss my ass you bitch. You scammed money from me. For what!

You are a lie! You complain to Nigeria about what you people are, and you are one of the bad ones.

Whatever. I’m taking this to the FBI here and let them handle it”

The rapper in his reaction to the allegation said:

I really don’t know what she’s about though, its possible people using my photos and fake accounts on the internet may have scammed her but I’m sure I’ve put out several warning about that in the past. She’s free to report to whichever authority she pleases maybe we’ll understand it better.

See the screenshots below:


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