Why Cross Rivers Governor has 8000 Aides

– The Gov. of Cross Rivers, Ben Ayade has one of the highest number of aides which is up to 8000

– Gov. Ben Ayade disclosed that he appointed 8000 aides and special assistants in order to ensure that every household in the state did not go to sleep with an empty stomach

Political officers like Governors and the Presidents are known to have special aides and personal assistants to help out in numerous duties as they can’t be everywhere at a time.

However, the list of number of aides may go as high as 100 but it is surprising that the Cross River state Governor, Ben Ayade has up 8000 aides and personal assistants.

According to the report, the Governor had 8000 personal assistant and aides during his first term.

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However, Governor Ben Ayade in a statement ahead of his swearing-in for a second term in office has disclosed why he appointed so many aides going as high as 8000.

The Cross Rivers State Governor in his statement said at his Pre inaugural event for his second term in the state capital, Calabar that the gesture was to ensure that every household in all part of the state did not go to sleep with an empty stomach.

He said appointing the numerous aides is a way to ensure that at least a member of each family is in his payroll and represent their family in his government.

Gov. Ben Ayade said, “I committed myself by expanding government to ensure that at least a member of each family was represented in my government to earn a salary.”

The Rivers state Governors swearing-in is expected to take place on Wednesday 29th of May after which the second term will commence proper.

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