Why I like dancing – Senator Adeleke

Senator Adeleke who was recently elected by the Senate to fill the vacuum left by his late brother Sen. Isiaka Adeleke said he started dancing while he was in the All Progressives Congress (APC) to make campaigns lively.

According to him, when he moved to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he continued with his dance steps to make campaigns very lively.

These were his exact words: “If you go to most campaigns, it is so dry but when you put in an interlude where you dance it becomes interesting where you dance and laugh.

“So, now that they messed up and i moved to my former party the PDP and they are now using it against me that i am dancing. I even danced with my daughter and they never knew it was my daughter and they were using it against me but i said hey, she is my daughter, you have to be close to your children. I dance to enjoy myself. Everybody dances,” he said.

However, the senator stated that he will not only be remembered in the Senate for his dance steps but that he will be remembered for delivering because he has already set up machineries in motion to deliver democracy dividend to his constituents.


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