“Why I Was Labelled A Fraudster” – Williams Uchemba Shares Story

Nollywood actor, Uchemba Williams in a recent interview disclosed the reason why some people thought him to be a fraudster.

Uchemba Williams
Williams Uchemba

In his interview with Sun News, the actor talked about the period he was accused of fraud on social media and he was able to handle the controversy. i

He said;

I tell people what happened, I guess if it was in the US wouldn’t have happened because unfortunately we are in a country people don’t do their findings before they lay accusations and blow it out of proportion. I was accused and they tagged me a fraudster. That I defraud people in the US and UN.

“The funniest thing is why was I not arrested? Why didn’t you hear in the news that Williams Uchemba has been arrested? When I called out the people that claimed I scammed them to come out or meet me at EFCC, how come no one came out? When the guy that started the whole thing saw that I was false and apologized, why didn’t the media carry it? There was an apology.

“I always say something once your hands are clean you will always win. I have never for once taken anything that doesn’t belong to me, never for once lied about something that I’m not, after the controversy the next month I traveled and I attended the same conference that they claimed I was not the Deputy Youth Representative for.

“Some people want you to fail, especially if they can’t understand why you are been blessed so much. Also God wanted to use this to let people know that he truly exists. Somebody said to me, ‘ Williams in 3 years you won’t have any movies job or endorsements deal’, he didn’t finish saying that, the next week I got my real estate brand ambassador deal.

“It happened in December, I got the deal in January. That year was the best year, so far of my entire career. I did two blockbusters movies, one was 300 million the other was 280 million.

“When God is on your side and your hands are clean you would make it through. Always holding on to Jesus.”

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