Wole Soyinka Advises Airlines to Fine Passengers for Taking Wrong Seats

  • Soyinka admits wrongly identifying his seat.
  • Calls for fine for those who did same to aid medical course.

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has revealed that he wrongly identified his seat on an airline by sitting on a man’s seat who told him to leave his seat.

Reacting to the incident that got social media wagging after it was revealed by a business executive, Tonye Cole, the professor of Literature said he cannot wrongly identify an airline seat number and then attempt to consolidate the error in any form, through act, word, or gesture.

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It could be recalled that the unidentified young man refused to give up his seat for the playwright during an international flight.

In his first official statement on the issue, Soyinka advised airlines to impose fines on passengers who wrongly took seat onboarding and join proceeds from such initiative with donations from passengers to tackle worthy causes globally, especially health-related case.

This he said will be a benefit to humanity in its efforts to eradicate all kinds of diseases, especially malnutrition, and ensure the supply of nutrients that prevent the premature onset of brain impairment.

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“Those who permit themselves to be persuaded, even for one second that I, Wole Soyinka, wrongly identified a seat number like millions of travellers all the time, and all over the world, would then attempt to consolidate the error in any form, through act, word, or gesture, qualify to be the first beneficiaries of this vastly improved humanitarian policy.,” the social critic said.

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