Woman Set Her Husband On Fire Over Issue Of Phone Password

A woman in Indonesia has been apprehended after being suspected of burning her husband to death after the duo both argued over his (husband) phone password.

Dedi Purnama the husband, was on duty to repair roof tiles on the couple’s (both of them) home when his wife known to be Ilham Cahyani, requested for the password to his phone, according to local sources in Indonesia.

The 26-year-old husband known as Dedi Purnama refused her request to give his wife, Dedi Purnama his phone and the pair got into an argument.

East Lombok Police Chief Made Yogi stated that Dedi Purnama further went on to climb down from the roof and hit his wife.

That sparked a physical encounter and fight and his wife, Ilham Cahyani, reportedly took control of a petrol can and poured the flammable liquid over her husband before setting him alight using a lighter and on fire.

An eye witness identified as Oji told sources that he had run over to the scene after spotting the flames and helped put out the fire when had already enraged the husband, Dedi Purnama.

Dedi Purnama was rushed to the Keruak Health Centre and underwent treatment for two days for the horrific burns he sustained during the fire which his wife set on fire.

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Dedi Purnama died just two days in the health centre despite the doctors’ best efforts to revive his life as he was burnt to the extent that it affected parts of his internal organs.

Ilham Cahyani has also been arrested and reportedly remained in police custody at East Lombok Regional Police Station. However, it is still not identified if Ilham Cahyani, the wife of the deceased has been charged for murder.

The investigation as to the full story as regards the death of Dedi Purnama is currently ongoing as stated by the Police command at East Lombok Regional Police Station.

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