Woman Stabs Boyfriend Because He Texted Instead Of Calling On Her Birthday

Janet Kearns, 46 flew into a rage when her boyfriend, Alan Pearce, in his 60s, did not call her to wish her happy birthday but texted her instead.

Kearns stormed round to Mr Pearce’s third floor flat in Wythenshawe, Manchester and demanded to know why he had not called her.

She then stabbed him with a six inch kitchen knife while he was calling the police for help.

He bled, collapsed to the floor close to death after the wound severed an artery and he would later thank the police for their early intervention as he could have lost his life.

Mr Pearce underwent emergency surgery for his wounds but more than a year on since the attack, he has trouble moving his right hand. He had to have plastic surgery to fix the deep wounds and may have to be operated on again.

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Doctors said he is unlikely to regain complete normal sensation and function in his right hand.

Kearn who is now 47 has admitted in a Manchester Court to causing a grievous bodily harm to the victim with intent.

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