Woman Survives After Being Shot 11 Times By Her Wife

A Detroit based woman, Airrion Wallace luckily survived after she was shot 11 times by her wife during an argument.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, Airrion Wallace confronted her wife of 12 years after she discovered she cheated on her. She told her she would be filing for divorce and threatened to cheat on her too so she could understand how it feels.

In the middle of the argument, Wallace’s wife shot her in the ‘vagina four times, four times in the leg, and three times in the stomach.’ 

Although she begged her, she continued to shoot her.

She managed to run outside and screamed for help. She was later rushed to the hospital where she underwent an emergency surgery and blood transfusion.

Wallace narrated what happened: “I was telling her that we needed to get a divorce. Because I can handle a lot of things but I can’t handle infidelity. You made me uncomfortable at home, don’t be surprised if I have another female in here. I don’t know why I said that, and she said ‘You want to play with me?’ And looked at me and pulled out a gun.”

“I’m like OK. OK, I hear you, I’m not going to do it”. And she kept going.

“I had to gather as much strength as I could, to get down my stairs and get outside. As soon as I opened the door there were people out there. I said please call the police.”

Wallace’s wife was arrested but she told police she acted in self-defense.

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