It’s getting closer, isn’t it? Just about a week to go and Russia will come alive (not that it was dead before but you know what I mean) with the World Cup kicking off. So much to look forward to: goals, misses, howlers, red cards, loss of home-training (e.g biting…lol), breath-taking moves, boring matches, high-scoring matches, flops, wildcards, and of course the eventual Winner (no one really remembers the other finalist). As always, it promises to be a spectacle.

So how are we preparing for this? Of course you’ll have those who got their funds together to travel and see the action live. Good for them. I’m sure they’ll have a blast. However, I’m not one of them so I can’t relate. I can only speak for those of us that will be supporting from our couches. Dunno why I should fly to Russia to watch match that I can see on my TV. In a stadium, I may not see all the action clearly but cable TV would help me out if I’m on my couch. I would even see it in HD! (actually that’s not true…I don’t have that on my bouquet…just added that for the dramatic effect).

But I digress…and understandably so… because I’m jealous of those that travelled to Russia…you guys get to drink ACTUAL/REAL vodka. Regardless though, there are many ways you can get yourself in the best position to enjoy this World Cup.

First of all, have a team to support…and a back-up team (in case the first choice doesn’t work out). The main team is probably where you’re from (unless that one isn’t playing in the tournament…which is ok by the way…less stress). Some of you might be citizens to 2 or more countries. If they’re in the tournament, it’s easy to choose the main team and back-up team(s). For those of us with one nationality, you can go with a back-up team that is probably better than your first choice (unless you’re from Brazil or Spain or Germany…feel free to go with a wildcard…Morocco perhaps?).

Secondly, get your internet subscription on point. There’s gonna be so much action online that you can’t afford to miss out. So many people will be talking about the games and the conversations will be buzzing so you can’t miss out; especially when the epic memes come out. Join the banter as well. You could make some new friends from there. Maybe you might hook up with someone new…you never know…the internet is a wonderful place.

Also, stock your house with edibles and drinkables. You need to watch the games with food running through your veins. You need the energy bro! Wash it down with some drinks and let it help with the celebrations…and perhaps with the agony (depending on whichever comes).

Finally, have your medical doctor on standby. Some of you will be expecting too much in this tournament and you will lose your shite if it doesn’t work out. Imagine hoping that Nigeria can defeat Argentina. This match has occurred 4 times in previous World Cups…with the same result!!! Bruh. Just drop that dream in your head and save yourself some medical bills.

All in all, make sure you enjoy it; real vodka or not, it’s still vodka right?


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