World News for Nigerians Today 18th January 2019

World News for Nigerians Today: Football Leaks Hacker Arrested in Hungary and Malaysia Jails Man Who Killed a Cat. Continue reading for more world news.

1. Turkey Deports Dutch Journalist for ‘Security Reasons’

Turkey on Thurday deported a Dutch freelance Journalist, Ans Boersma, who works for Het Financieele Dagblad, the Netherlands’ Largest Financial Newspaper.

The daily said Boersma was detained and deported for “security reasons.’’

“Declared an unwanted person in Turkey,’’ Boersma tweeted on Thursday, shortly before leaving the country.

Boersma went to an immigration office in Istanbul on Wednesday to extend her residence permit but was detained and subsequently deported.

2. Malaysia Jails Man Who Killed a Cat

A Malaysian taxi driver, A. Mohanraj, 42 who killed a pregnant cat by putting it into a laundrette dryer was on Thursday jailed for two years.

The case sparked national outrage.

Netizens reacted with fury last year when CCTV footage went viral showing two men in the laundrette throwing the cat into the dryer late at night.

They then inserted tokens into the machine which set it running and laundered the cat to death.

A female customer who found the dead cat reported to the police.

3. Football Leaks Hacker Arrested in Hungary

Hungarian police announced on Thursday that they had arrested a suspected Portuguese hacker, Rui Pinto, linked to the Football Leaks whistleblower website who is accused of extortion in Portugal.

French lawyers for 30-year-old Rui Pinto confirmed the arrest and said they would fight any attempt at extradition.

Pinto’s lawyers in his defence said he was “a young Portuguese man who loves football and who, out of disgust at practices that he gradually became aware of, decided to reveal to the world the extent of criminal practices which not only affect the football world but do grave damage to its image”.

According to Portuguese media reports, Pinto is a self-taught IT expert from the Porto suburb of Vila Nova de Gaia and has been living in Budapest for several years.

Pinto ran a Football Leaks website which has published several revelations about alleged wrongdoing in the football industry.

In 2016, a consortium of European media organisations used information from Football Leaks to expose some tax evasion in the football world, notably by Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at Real Madrid among other wrongdoings in the football industry.

4. Germany, Europe React on Brexit Parliament Voting

The British Prime Minister is still in office after narrowly winning a no-confidence vote of 325 to 306 in her government.

But Germany and the rest of Europe are worried about whether she can put together a new Brexit deal to carry everyone along.

May pledged to find a Brexit deal that can win support of the British parliament late on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, British lawmakers rejected May’s draft withdrawal deal by a margin of more than 200.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair reacted saying it’s inevitable that London will have to delay Brexit. Britain is currently on course to leave on March 29.

French President Emmanuel Macron, expressing his views said “We’ve reached our limits with the deal, and we won’t, just to solve Britain’s domestic political issues, stop defending European interests,” he says to a crowd in France.

Norway also expressed their concerns over Brexit.

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5. Search for Spanish Toddler in Well Enters Fifth Day

The search for a toddler who fell down a well in southern Spain in a tragedy that has gripped the country entered its fifth day Thursday, with hopes going dead that he would be found alive.

Julen Rosello, 2, fell down a very narrow shaft more than 100 metres (330 feet) deep on Sunday while playing.

Rescuers are still unable to get to where they believe the child is as a layer of earth, sand and stones following the fall have blocked the well.

6. Undercover Journalist Murdered in GHANA

A Ghanaian undercover journalist who helped expose corruption in African football has been shot dead in Accra, Ghana, police said Thursday.

Ahmed Husein was part of a team led by award-winning journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, whose probe led to the resignation of the head of the Ghana Football Association. Dozens of football referees and officials were also banned.

A police spokesperson told AFP the journalist was shot in the neck and the chest by unknown gunmen on his way home on Wednesday night.

Prior to his death, Husein had once made a complaint to police after his pictures were published on national television.

7. Rihanna to launch Designers Fashion Label

According to reports on Thursday, American Pop Singer, Rihanna is set to launch her own luxury brand with the world’s biggest fashion conglomerate.

The Barbados-born superstar, who already has her own highly successful Fenty sportswear label, is in secret talks with the French giant LVMH.

Sources said the group, which own iconic brands as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Givenchy, is putting together an assembly of top designers for the project.

With her huge fan base and tens of millions of social media followers, Rihanna is said to be one of the most powerful style influencers on the planet.

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8. Victoria Beckham Spends £1,200 on Moisturizer Made From Her Blood

Victoria Beckham, the wife of football star, David Beckham, has spent about (£1,200) or (N555,120) on skin moisturizer made from her blood.

According to the former singer and fashion designer, the beauty product is used to create healing factors. She took to her Instagram to tell the world about the new product.

She said,“@drbarbarasturm took my blood and created healing factors made by my own cells which is highly inflammatory and regenerative”.

“I’ll be testing it out this week both morning and night”.

The process is known as endogamous blood therapy, also referred to as “vampire facials”.

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 9. At least 4 Dead in Bogota Car Bombing

An apparent car bomb attack has occurred on a police cadet training school in the Colombian capital Bogota.

The attack left at least four people dead and 10 injured on Thursday, the city’s mayor said.

“It seems there was a car bomb inside the General Santander School,” said the mayor, Enrique Penalosa.

Early images from the City TV station showed ambulances moving around the area close to the school in the south of Bogota.

10. Bayern Coach, Kovac Says Rodriguez Should ‘Play for His Future’

Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovac has challenged James Rodriguez to “play for his future” as the time has almost run out for the Colombian superstar’s loan from Real Madrid.

The 27-year-old, who has six months left on his two-year deal with Real, has started just five Bundesliga games this season and missed Bayern’s last six league games of 2018 with a knee injury.

Time is now running out for Rodriguez, who broke through at the 2014 World Cup where he finished top scorer, to secure his future at the German champions.

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11. Apple’s Tim Cook Calls for Online Privacy with Right to Delete Data

Apple chief executive Tim Cook called on US lawmakers Thursday to pass privacy legislation enabling consumers to see and delete their harvested online personal data from a central clearinghouse.

Cook, writing in Time magazine, offered his view as the US Congress was set to consider tougher enforcement of privacy and data protection for online platforms.

Several lawmakers and activist organizations have proposed data privacy measures, some of which contain elements of the European Union’s sweeping General Data Protection Regulation.

The Apple CEO said any new US legislation should give more power to consumers to know what data is being gathered and to delete that information “on demand.”

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