World News for Nigerians Today 23/12/2018

iDonsabi serves you the latest news on foreign scenes. Continue reading to find out more on Prime Minister who converted state house to a university and woman who sold her own pant for 28m.

1. China Adopts Chip-Powered ‘Smart’ School Uniforms

Schools in southern China are using chip-powered “smart” school uniforms to track their students in a bid to tackle truancy and boost attendance, according to state media.

The uniforms use chips to monitor the location of students and can record their exit and entry into school, according to the tech firm behind the tracking devices.

Paired with facial recognition devices installed on school doors, the smart uniforms can also sense if students swap uniforms.

The school chose the uniforms mainly as a way to send notifications and homework to students through an app connected to the uniform chips.

2. Cambodia Community Where Girls Are Encouraged To Sleep With Multiple Men to Find “The One”

The Kreung people of the deep region of Ratanakiri in northeastern Cambodia hold a belief that finding the right man requires a deep search through sex in the “love huts”.

Boys in Kreung are are invited by their girls to their love huts. However, they are at the liberty of responding politely to sleeping with her or just talking when they get invited to the hut.

3. Dozens of Migrants Found Dead on Mediterranean Sea

No fewer than 25 people are believed to have died or are missing, including a pregnant woman, when a group of migrant boats got stranded at sea and was rescued off the Spanish coast on Thursday.

On another of the boats, the UN refugee agency said 57 people had been on board, including one that had already died by the time of the rescue.

“There was a massive sea-swell that threw them into the water, spokesperson for the UN High Commission Refugees (UNHCR), Elizabeth Throssell said, adding that among the survivors was a mother and her two-year-old child who was evacuated by helicopter, after she was found to be suffering from hypothermia.

4. Woman Sells Own Pants, Makes N28m A Year

A woman has revealed she earns around £60,000 (about N28m) a year selling her worn pants and uses the money to take care of stray cats.

Raven Nix, 33, from Bristol, also makes money from ‘money slaves’, who deposit money into her account for no reason and enjoy the humiliation of being ignored by her.

5. Pope Francis Tells Clerics Who Abuse Minors To Hand Themselves In

Pope Francis has asked all those who abuse minors to hand themselves in to civil justice authorities and “prepare for divine justice,” He said this in his response to the sex abuse crisis that has hit the Roman Catholic Church.

In his words: “to those who abuse minors I would say this — convert and hand yourself over to human justice and prepare for divine justice.”

6. Pakistan PM Converts State House to University

Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan has inaugurated the Islamabad National University fulfilling his campaign promise to convert the palatial building to a Postgraduate academic facility.

PM Khan at the inauguration said his reason for establishing a university at the state house was aimed at reducing the gap between the government and public.

He further said that if Pakistan is to develop, it has to invest in education and human development.

7. US Government Partially Shuts Down for Third Time in a Year

Parts of the federal government shut down at midnight after Congress and the White House could not reach a deal Friday night to avert the shuttering of several departments.

Both the US House of Representatives and the Senate adjourned after Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, said there would not be a vote that night.

8. Iran’s Envoy Hails UN’s Resolution on Yemen

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council unanimously voted to authorize the deployment of UN monitors to observe the implementation of a newly-agreed ceasefire in Yemen’s strategic Red Sea port of Hudaydah, and the rival forces’ pullout from the vital area under a ceasefire that was reached during the UN-brokered peace talks in Sweden last week.

9. Cardi B just dropped an insane “Money” Video With Baby Kulture

Cardi B just decided to give the world a Christmas gift by dropping her “Money” video, and it’s just as good as it could be. There are dollar bills, strippers, and most importantly, feauturing baby Kulture who she held up to her massive chest.

10. Uk Nationals in Berlin Assured Of Residency in Event of No Brexit Deal

British nationals living in Berlin have been reassured that an urgent registration process to secure legal status will be in place for them in the event of the UK leaving the EU with no deal.

Worried Britons who attended the meeting hosted by the British embassy said they felt relief that the state authorities had been able to go further than the European commission, whose no deal planning announced this week made them feel abandoned.







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