We’ve got some exciting news for you. is rebranding!

This decision to change from IDONSABI to All Nigeria Info was not made lightly. This decision has come after over four years of serving our readers and analyzing how they’ve interacted with our current brand.

While we have several readers from all around the world, our main audience and content come from Nigeria.

Therefore to better represent our main audience and content, we’ve decided on making this change.

In our bid to better serve you, we will soon be changing our domain name from to We have chosen an easy to recall the brand name to enhance memorability.

Immediately the new domain is up, we will slowly step down the use of iDONSABI across all our platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As always, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest info and news in Nigeria and around the world. The goal behind the rebranding is to serve you more by educating the world about our great country Nigeria while dishing out the most current and factual content.

As you know that the brand colours of iDONSABI is blue, white and black. As part of our goal to fully represent our great country Nigeria in the media, the new colours of our brand will, therefore, be white and green in honour of the Nigerian flag.

The white reflects our mission to provide uncorrupted and unbiased content while the green denotes our dedication to providing you with evergreen content on Nigeria and other current happenings around the world.

It is with great pleasure that we bring to you

All Nigerian Info

You would greatly help our cause by sharing our news with family and friends. Let’s help make Nigeria great again through proper media representation.

Thank you,

Signed, (Formerly Management.

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