“You Cannot Believe That I Meant Something Negative” – Ne-Yo Responds After Calling George Floyd’s Death A “Sacrifice” During His Funeral

Ne-yo who was a guest and performer at one of George Floyd’s funeral services, made sure to share some words about George with the congregation.

What he thought was a heartfelt message however, was perceived by some as insensitive.

The singer had called George’s murder a “sacrifice”, and this was followed by a backlash he has now responded to.

Today, Ne-Yo joined The Morning Hustle to explain what he meant at the funeral.

He says he meant nothing negative by his comment, and wants the black community to stay focused on what’s important.

We cannot let ignorance divide us right now,” he said. “I’m singing at this man’s funeral you cannot believe that I meant anything negative towards him towards his family.”

Let’s not mess up the narrative, let’s not get away from the narrative,” Ne-Yo said. “No, he was not a willing sacrifice, neither was Jesus. Jesus didn’t want to get on the cross but he did it to save us, George Floyd didn’t wake up that morning planning to be a sacrifice. He didn’t plead and plan to go out and die for black people but that’s what happened and its unfortunate that it happened that way but that’s what happened.”

He added;

So yes, it was a sacrifice. He wanted to be here but he’s not here, his life was sacrificed so that the change that is happening slowly but surely can happening.”

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