You Know Better That Service Chiefs Needed to Be Sacked to End Insecurity, ADP Tells Buhari

  • ADP describes insecurity as embarrassing with president Buhari in power.
  • Calls for the sack of security chief after failing to find solutions to challenges.

The Action Democratic Party (ADP) has said the solutions to the insecurity currently being witnessed in the country was for President Muhammadu Buhari to sack all service chiefs.

The party on Tuesday at a press conference in Abuja noted that there was no way the country would be doing the same thing, the same way and be expecting a different result.

The party’s National Chairman, Sani Yabagi, argued that no one would want to retain a manager of a company under whom the firm is recording low turnover.

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Describing the issue of insecurity, as embarrassing, Yabagi said the service chiefs have done it many times and they have been unsuccessful, adding that President Buhari should know better.

“We cannot be doing the same thing and be expecting different results. You cannot retain the same service chiefs in the same positions and expect a different result.

“These men have done it many times and nothing has worked. If it were to be your private company where you recorded a low turnover, will you continue with the same manager?

“This President should know more than all of us that to boost the morale of the force is something that is important.

“They are profiteering with people’s blood. You won’t believe the amount of money going into security.

“If insecurity is man-made, then we are the ones fueling it. The President knows what to do as a former Head of State.”

Speaking on the number of registered political parties, Yabagi who said there was nothing wrong in the huge number, however, noted that not all registered political parties should be allowed to take part in elections.

He said the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should come up with criteria to be used to decide which registered parties can take part in elections.

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