You Will Go Back To Jail Next Time You Come At My Kids – Iyabo Ojo to Olunloyo

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo replies Kemi Olunloyo. Promised she will go back to jail if she doesn’t keep her children’s name out of her mouth.

Kemi Olunloyo earlier blasted Iyabo Ojo. She said her tears has just begun, she also accused her of being the reason she went to jail sometimes ago.

The journalist didn’t stop at that, she accused Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Prisca of being a runs girl in making.

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Iyabo Ojo replied to these accusations on her Instagram, she told Kemi Olunloyo to keep her children’s name of her mouth and come with the evidence of that which she accused her off.

You are crossing the line by talking about my daughter. You’re crossing the line. 

“If you have all the evidence that you claim you have, please provide it, post it let me see. Better still, send it to me and let’s take it up from there.

“Until you can provide it, leave my kids off your mouth. Because the next time you come at my kids, Madam, you will visit that prison again. 

“You claim my PA or manger sent you a letter. Did you take that time to call that number or do your investigation 

As a journalist, if you choose to write about me, please always write your facts...” She said partly in the video.

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