“You Will Have To Stop Posting Your Pictures Online Once I Marry You” – Nigerian Man To Future Wife

Nigerian Twitter user, @Waspapping_  has got people talking after saying that his future wife would have to stop posting her photos on social media once they get married.

Bro, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but the minute I marry you, you have to bid goodbye to posting your pictures on a public space like twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m not civilized enough to let you share your pictures to random strangers on a public space,” he wrote.

He also added that if she must share pictures at all, she can “post it on her WhatsApp status for the few family and friends that are there. Moreover, once you become my wife, I’m the only hype man you need in your life. If you can’t abide by these easy and simple rules, you can always walk to your father’s house,” he tweeted.

Read Reactions To His Tweets Below:

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