“You’re A Complete Idiot” – Ubi Franklin’s 4th Baby Mama, Sandra Iheuwa Blasts Reno Omokri

Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa has blasted Reno Omokri after the latter made a post about how being a baby mama shouldn’t been seen as a source of livelihood.

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Reno Omokri wrote on Instagram;

“Being a baby mama is not a job. If you want an income, go get a job, instead of getting pregnant. Bringing a baby into this world without a marriage, a stable home and a stable income, is a wicked thing to do. A child is not a means to a livelihood.”

In reply, Sandra Iheuwa wrote;

“You are a complete idiot you think its every woman that wants to get married and have babies. I have been married before honestly not my cup of tea, took a walk and I love babies and can financially take care of all my kids with no man present and if I need to have more I will do it over and over again.

“I rather have a partner than be married (to protect my assets). I don’t know why some Nigerians carry marriage on their head like it’s a life time achievement.”

Sandra Iheuwa Reno Omokri

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