“You’re a Very Silly Boy” – Toyin Lawani Replies Swanky Jerry (Video)

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani in a new video and post blasted her former staff, Swanky Jerry after he made a post insulting her and accusing her of being jealous.

It started when Mercy Eke and Mike Edwards won the AMVCA Best Dressed awards and Toyin Lawani made a post insinuating other people deserved the award.

Swanky Jerry who styled Mercy Eke then made a post calling out his former boss and accusing her of being Local while he’s International.

Read More>>>“I’m International, You’re Local” – Mercy Eke’s Stylist, Swanky Jerry Drags Toyin Lawani

In response, Toyin Lawani made a video calling him a very silly boy. She explained that because she said she preferred others outfits doesn’t mean she Mercy and Mike’s outfits are not nice.

See Video:

Read Her Post Below:

People don’t like the truth, so when you speak it they hate you. Most of y’all are cowards, today I realized English is a big problem for some people, we all write differently. Nigerians y’all all love to twist things and hate, so if I state my opinion does it mean that mercy’s outfits or mikes outfits are not nice. Y’all are jokers like I said and if you don’t know the meaning of joke go and check the dictionary hiss.

”I usually don’t reply your stupidity and betrayals, even when you stayed online to be mocking and trolling me with your formal bestie I didn’t reply you. I left you to God, but I will reply you this time. That I said the looks they chose are jokes don’t mean they are ugly, the same way everyone is saying my clothes are ugly, and they didn’t get the message some of my clients where trying to pass don’t mean it’s not artistic, did I fight to win best dressed with you people?

“I don’t compete I do my work and bounce, stars don’t struggle to shine, pls free me let me air my opinion in peace regardless of who created what and what. Does that mean I have a problem with mercy, you people just try to create enimity daily, Go sit down. Iya e lo tired. Alaemore oshi, afibisolore.

“Olorun onijekari eniti Oma jeun epo eti iyo e, to ma wa Fi ata sie loju #Amin The world is big enough for everyone to fly, I’m not holding anyone Biko. i do me ⭐️
#kingOfallQueens ?

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