Zimbabwe bans soldiers from marrying each other, gives those already married ultimatum to comply

iDONSABI.com can confirm that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) has just signed a fraternization policy on Tuesday (February 12 2019) banning  serving soldiers from marrying each other .

The force also gave those already married an ultimatum to comply with the order within six months or risk being fired.

The issued order said those already married to fellow soldiers must decide between each other who would leave the service or both would risk being fired.

zimbabwe soldiers wedding
General Phillip Sibanda

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander, General Phillip Sibanda in his statement on Tuesday (February 12 2019) said:

The move is aimed at addressing current challenges where officers and non-commissioned members marry and violate the tenets of good order and military discipline.

Those who were already married to each other prior to the promulgation of this Policy are given six months from the 1 February to comply with the requirement, failure of which action will be taken in terms of Policy.


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