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Hi All,

Thank you for taking out the time to read/apply for this job.


This job is NOT for very busy people.

This project is for serious-minded writers. Writers must have GREAT grammar.

Topics and Expertise

This job entails writing articles of between 700 to 2500+ words articles for a western audience. Topics will mostly be in various niches including:

  • Coding
  • IT
  • Automotive
  • Home Tech and Gadgets
  • Home Renovations and Improvements
  • Food
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Mobile Tech

ZERO Tolerance for Plagiarism AKA Copy and Paste

Your article must be original, interesting, and grammatically correct. NO REWRITING other people’s articles. We check plagiarism manually and automatically and will REJECT and END our contract with you if you’re found plagiarising.

All articles must be search engine optimized. Any unapproved article will not be used or paid for but you will retain the rights to such articles.

Other Requirments

You should have basic knowledge of SEO, WordPress, and other online publishing systems (or be willing to learn) because you’ll post directly on the blog.

A few of our articles require using original screenshots to illustrate steps or how-tos.

We will need to see samples of your work published ONLINE.

Job Conditions


Please don’t apply if you cannot accept our payment of N2 per word. In some cases, if a writer has lots of experience with SEO and WordPress and has exceptional writing skills, we pay N3+ per word.

So an article of 1500 words will be paid @ N3,000 (N2 per word) or N4,500 (N3 per word)

We also pay a N5k or more monthly bonus after a few months with us, depending on the performance of your articles.

Payment is bi-weekly, monthly, or after 10 articles have been completed.

How to Apply for This Writing Job

If you are right for this job, kindly send a short bio, the test article, and at least 2 links to your published work online to penningsolutions@gmail.com

We also require a test article of 300 – 500 words on ANY of the following topics:

  1. Is A Widescreen Monitor Worth It?
  2. Roblox Error Code 524 Fixes
  3. How to Remove Red Filter on Tik Tok

This sample is simply to gauge your writing skills and we WILL NEVER use it without payment.

Please send the sample as a Google doc and share a view-only link.

Some Blogs We Love!

You might want to spend some time reading some of these blogs to understand the nature of the job.



Tom’s Guide

Upgraded Home

PLEASE DON’T SEND WORD DOCUMENTS! We will not download or view them. Instead, save your sample as a Google doc and send us a VIEW ONLY link.

NOTE: We receive so many applications and will only respond to writers whose timing and writing style fit our brand.

Do Not Apply If…

Please Do Not Apply If You Can’t Submit An Article Every 2 Days!!!

Please Do Not Apply If You Can’t Work Under Pressure

Please Do Not Apply If You Already Have A Demanding Occupation!!!

NO EXCUSES while on this job, please!


You’re Too Slow
You Plagiarize
You Have Poor Grammar
You Do Not Adhere To Instructions

You must be available to communicate via Whatsapp/Email.

Penning Solutions Media Inc.

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