10 Reasons You Failed at Blogging

You get the question ‘How far with that your blog na?’ and your dejected reply is, ‘I’m doing something else now’ or, ‘I don’t bla bla bla anymore…’ You’ve totally abandoned the blogosphere for one reason or the other; you no longer write blog posts, your blog has since been infested by termites. It’s crystal that your short foray into the blogosphere ended in disappointing fashion, an outright failure 🙁

But what happened? What went wrong? You started your blog with all excitement and enthusiasm; When and where did things start going south for your blogging career? I tell you the hard truth in this article. Here are 10 solid reasons you failed at blogging.

#1 You became lazy

Usually, newbie bloggers begin their blog with so much zest and enthusiasm. They work so passionately in their blog you begin to wonder if they want to take up blogging as a full-time job. They update their blogs more than three or four times daily… Then they enthusiasm gradually wanes, they struggle to publish just one post in a day. They lazily log on to  their blog at the end of the day, have a look around (as if they’re looking for gold)  then log off.

If this is you, then you don’t need a prophet to tell you why you failed, you simply became the lazy blogger. Apply these tips for the lazy blogger and you could be back on the track of success.

#2 It was no longer a priority

I’m someone who loves to set priorities, everything in my life has a priority ranking, and I give time to each of my priorities according to how they are ranked in my head and on my diary. So, it’s usual for me to gradually stop giving time to whatsoever has fallen out of my ‘priority table’.

When this happens, that activity, person or thing gradually becomes a headache instead of a necessary obligation and so I gradually forget about it.

Believe it or not, this is so with you too! If your blog isn’t one of your priorities anymore then it’ll gradually become a failed project. Check again, that could be why you failed at blogging.

#3 You just couldn’t monetize your blog

This is a real killer of blogs! Many bloggers failed at blogging because they jumped into blogging after seeing or hearing how much money other bloggers were making. They soon realized that blogging is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme and ultimately ended up frustrated. They gradually abandon their blog and concentrate on what makes them money.

A popular blogger once said:

“The more time you spend working on something without a reward, the harder it is to continue doing it”

If you couldn’t get a penny from your blog after a couple of years of starting it, then look no further on the reason why you failed at blogging.

#4 You ran out content ideas

This happens to the best of us, ‘writers-block’ or lack of quality content ideas. If you started your blog with clickable ideas running wild in your head, it’s only natural to become jaded when you don’t seen to have an idea of what topics to write on which would sit well with your audience.

If you didn’t put your back into it and pull yourself out of that quicksand, then that could be the reason why you failed at blogging. Luckily, there are quite a number of tools you could use to generate content excellent ideas, I talk about them in this article; Blog Topic Idea Generators.

#5 You started without a long-term plan

Ever heard the phrase “he who fails to plan is planning to fail”? It works in every context, including blogging. Yes you had a bright shinny idea about how your blog would look like and what it would offer readers. Good for you, you implemented it using one of these tools but sadly you never had a long term plan written down somewhere.

A plan is guide, it’s a master key to success. If you hadn’t planned how and where your blog would become a success in the near future, then that is probably the reason why you failed.

#6 You had too much on your plate

I know you really loved your blog and you put in a lot of work to get it going, but along the line, things started coming up. You had one too many things to do. Your multiple streams of income started tugging on every side and gradually your blog pays the ultimate price for your busy schedule.

If you couldn’t manage your time well and set out time from your busy schedule to blog, that was why the first thing that fell off your crowded plate, was your blog. Here’s a helpful piece on time management. http://www.creativitypost.com/create/work_smarter_not_harder_21_time_management_tips_to_hack_productivity

#7 Criticism got at you

We bloggers usually get criticized a lot! People will comment on your blog just to negatively criticize you and call your content crap. The criticism might come from friends or close associates who would tell you they don’t like this or that about your blog and that you got so and so absolutely wrong!

If you had taken this to heart, and started feeling like you weren’t doing or couldn’t do enough then that’s a reason why you failed at blogging.

#8 Your content was twaddle!

There is so much high quality content available on the internet, why should anyone online audience settle for less? If you couldn’t deliver the best of content on your blog, believe me you’ll watch your blog shrivel up before your eyes.

If you failed at blogging, then maybe your content wasn’t scintillating enough to begin with.

#9 You just couldn’t generate traffic

This one really gets at bloggers. Poor blog traffic is always a worry but one you can work around if you put in an effort. Failure to adequately promote your blog using all the available tools, could see your blog rapidly become a failed project.

Maybe you abandoned your blog because just felt your audience was too small; it’s not the fault of your audience, its yours. Failure to promote your blog ultimately led to your failure.

#10 You Quit!

In the end, nothing else would matter because you quit! You just stopped trying, you stopped pushing. There’s no better way to fail than to stop trying. I wouldn’t say much about this.

Failure in blogging usually starts slowly, if your blog is failing, I advise you work hard to find a solution to the scourge before you lose out on a great and fulfilling venture.


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