25-year-old lady shares how she quit her £50k job to start her own Business

A 25-year-old Nigerian lady has shared her experience on how she quitted her £50k job to start her won business, she hinted she has built her own her house

Everyone has their experience to share especially the ones that left their paid jobs to become a business owner.

Well, this is the experience of a 25-year-old Nigerian lady who took to the Social Media to share her movement from being an employee to being a business owner.

The 25-year-old Nigerian lady with the name @Lala_Raeee on twitter shared her “testimony” of purchasing a new house and moving into her own office space after quitting a £50k job.

While sharing the good news via her Twitter timeline, the excited lady wrote;
“ABLE GOD! Within the last two weeks – I Quit my 50K job, moved into my own office space for my business and bought my first home all at 25.”

Reports didn’t however state the kind of business she is into.

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