BBC Reporter, Kiki Mordi Narrates How A Man Intentionally Masturbated In Front Of Her

BBC journalist, Kiki Mordi popularly known for the viral #SexForGrades documentary narrates how she was once harassed by a man who intentionally masturbated in front of her.

This is coming after a lady shared a video of a driver exposing and touching his private part while driving her.

Kiki revealed she was in front of her house waiting for her boyfriend who went to his flat to pick up something.

Then, a man parked in front of her house and started masturbating. She couldn’t run into her house because she was scared of what could happen and she couldn’t run out because the man parked in front of her house.

Read Full Story Below:

“I was Infront of MY house in Benin. GRA. Quiet neighborhood.

“My security guy went out to buy something and my boyfriend was about to drop me at work but he left me with the car out front for literally 5 minutes to go do something inside.

“Who did I offend that fine morning?

“This guy in a red Prado jeep, I can never forget, parked in front of me and started masturbating.

“I didn’t look up at him at first so I didn’t know.

“I looked up to see this sick bastard stroking his penis and pointing at my legs. And he had a phone!

“I screamed and wanted to run…

“But where to? I was literally sitting In front of my house and that’s where he was parked!

“I could only run INTO my house! No one was home, my boyfriend was in the next compound which is not as close as you’d think, security guy was nowhere to be found.

“This man targeted me. He waited till he saw that I was alone and came out to do what he did.

“Mental illness or not, these people are calculated about what they do and they belong in jail.

“I don’t want to hear nonsense about how one should react, they box you in properly.”

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