BBNaija: “Frodd Begged To Kiss Me, Gedoni Was Attracted To Me” – Venita

The fifteenth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house, Venita Akpofure speaks to Pulse about her 6 weeks experience in the house.

When asked about how she was received outside the house, she said she wasn’t expecting the warmth acceptance even though she was a public figure before the house.

“I was surprised because when I was in the house I use to I was a bit paranoid, I was catching a vibe, so coming from an environment that was toxic for me and other individuals so its just like taking something out of cold water to put into hot water, its just a little bit of a shock,” she said.

Speaking about her entrance into the house and how Omashola and Frodd showered her with affection. She explained that Omashola’s interest felt superficial.

Omashola was like you are fine and I was like ‘Okay.’ To me it was superficial, it was surface, there was no surface to it. I immediately invalidated that. So I wasn’t interested nor did I find him attractive physically. He is very aggressive and very loud. He was very everything.

In his excitement, he portrayed characteristics that I did not find attractive. And Frodd as an intelligent guy, he didn’t need to do much, he didn’t need to do much verses Omashola. He just watched Omashola shoot a tornado up and land on his ship put a hole and start to sink and he was just amused by it. Frodd had his own slow Tiger way ‘Are you okay? What do you want to eat? there is a chair here.”

On Frodd asking to kiss her, Venita revealed there are conversations that happen in the house that viewers don’t get to see especially during parties. Frodd was drunk when he begged Venita for a kiss at one of the parties.

“Frodd was like ‘Kiss me now…are you not going to kiss me before the end of the…” so there was a lot of things even during the Munchit challenge, that was when Gedoni was like “I’m very attracted you.”

“First, he asked, “what do I think by I mean by he is cute.” And I was like you are cute does not mean I want something and he was like okay ‘I find you very attractive” I think that was part of his game and Khafi…i don’t know. There are a lot of things that people would say at certain times and you won’t see.”

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