Biography of Chigul

Chioma Omeruah popularly known as Chigul is a Nigerian comedian, compere, singer and actress. From a voice note to performing on stages worldwide, Chigul has grace the big screens and it seems there’s no going back for her. She’s also been able to carve a niche for herself in a male dominated field.

Early life and background of Chigul

Chioma Omeruah was born on the 14th of May 1976 in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, to Late Air Commodore Samson Omeruah, and his wife Mrs Omeruah. She’s the second child and first daughter of four children. Her father was a strict disciplinarian who was once a military governor in Anambra State.

The beautiful comedienne has had her fair share of failures. Having had to repeat primary four at Air Force Secondary School, Jos, she left Jos to continue her schooling at Airforce Secondary School Ikeja, Lagos. The change of schools didn’t have effect on her academics as her grades didn’t improve and she had to write WAEC and Jamb severally in different schools.


In the long run, she passed her exams and got an offer of admission to study at the Abia State University (ABSU). She had a brief stint at ABSU before leaving the institution due to strike. She proceeded to study Criminal Law at Delaware State University. As a result of her serial failure, she changed her course of study to French Education.

Chigul is a polyglot and can speak five languages like Spanish, French amongst others. She lived in the United States for twelves years before relocating back to Nigeria on her father’s request. She was first reluctant about the move but she succumbed. A month after her return, she lost her father to the cold hands of death.


Her Rise to Fame 

Music and acting was the compere’s first love. She never planned to do comedy, it just happened. Prior to fame, she usually do funny voicenotes and send to her friends; they have a good laugh after listening to them. A particular voice note she did went viral on social media thus bringing her to limelight. No one knew the face behind the voice, it was at Basketmouth’s comedy show that people got to know her as she was invited to perform on live stage. Since then she’s been invited to host live and TV shows and private engagements.

She initially became a singer under the name C-Flow which was coined from her name, Chioma. According to her, the suffix “flow” was because she can flow smoothly. The name was later changed to Chigul. The name sprung from an encounter she had with a gentleman who tried giving her the nickname “Chi girl” but due to his Igbo accent, it came out as Chigul and since then the name have stuck.

Growing up, the popular comedienne was a restless child, always mimicking people and friends of her parents that came to visit. She has twelve accents, of which “Chigul”, the Igbo accent is the most famous one. Her accents which has become a huge part of her life have developed into characters, each with its own name and backdrop. There’s the Yoruba accent, Modinat, the well-exposed Yoruba girl with “two Masters and one Bachelor; Bintu, the Hausa girl who’s trying to get an education etc.


Chigul has been interviewed and applauded by different media outlets.The entertainer has also dabble in acting, making appearances in Nollywood film, Road to Yesterday, Chief daddy, Banana Island Ghost amongst others. In 2015, she was featured in Falz single “Karishika“. In 2020, Chigul alongside Dakore Akande, Oliver Nakakande and Coppé were featured in TwentyEightyFour, an issue in the Visual Collaborative electronic catalog.

Her Philanthropy Works

The famed linguist isn’t just into entertainment, she’s also involved in charity works. Unlike other celebrities, Chigul’s isn’t vocal about her charity works. In an interview with The Guardian Life, she stated:

“I want to do my own small part and lend a helping hand, I have never been to an internally displaced persons (IDP) home before, it was such an amazing and heart wrenching experience because but God they could be me, they could be anyone else. I want to go back and stay in touch with them, the whole world isn’t meant to see everything, all I did was give them myself, which wasn’t much but it was a good thing that I made them smile.”

Her Endorsements

The multi-talented lady has bagged endorsement deals with price comparison website, PriceCheck. She also became a brand ambassador for Blackberry Messenger BBM in 2016.

Chigul’s Relationship and Family Life

Chigul was once married but she’s presently divorced with no children from the marriage. According to the “Banana Island Ghost” actress, she was a virgin when she got married at 33.

Awards and Nominations

Comedienne of the Year at the EbonyLive TV Sisterhood Awards – 2014

Nigeria Entertainment Award nominee for Best Supporting Actress – 2016

City People Movie Award nominee for Comic Actor of the Year (English) – 2017

City People Movie Award nominee for Comic Actor of the Year (English) – 2018

City People Movie Award nominee for Comic Actor of the Year (English) – 2019

Chigul’s Net Worth

According to online sources, the famous comedienne is estimated to be worth $150,000.

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