Bobrisky makes a comback with his dangerous hips! [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser and Instagram model, Bobrisky has taken to his Instagram page to show off some sultry photos of himself.

Over the weekend, Bobrisky was in the news for sharing out Nestle Milo as wedding souvenir in another person’s wedding. This earned him a lot of backlash and social media reactions even as he was accused of being overdressed to the event.

However, the seemingly unbothered official Nigerian male barbie has given social media users more things to talk about.

He has shared some photos in curves revealing outfits showing off his latest hip packaging. However, it is not yet clear if Bob got a hip job or his curves are just naturally growing.

Whatever the case, see photos of his eye-popping hips below:

Bobrisky and his friend
Bobrisky showing off his curves
Bobrisky shows off his derriere


Bobrisky and King Tonto
Bobrisky and friends

Also watch video of him flaunting his dangerous hips:


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