Charles Inojie Schools Fans Who Misinterpreted His Statement As An Endorsement Of Yahoo Yahoo

Popular Actor, Charles Inojie wasted no time to school and blast people who mistook his caption as an endorsement of yahoo.

— He left a comment to motivate people to keep on “pressing”

— Pressing was interpreted as pressing computer by some people.

Nollywood Actor, Charles Inojie popularly known for the TV Series The Johnson wasted no time to employ his English prowess to school some people in his comment section.

The actor left a caption on his photo to inspire and motivate people to keep on going, no matter what.

“Keep pressing

“Keep believing

“Grace will take you

“where grade can not

“Las las, we go dey alright.”

No sooner had he posted than some people suggested he meant “pressing” in terms of yahoo (internet fraud), pressing computer.

One of those people left the below comment:

“Thank you sir, I’ll keep pressing. Moreover, Simi see trouble am a yahoo boy”

Charles Inojie:

For the records sir, my page is no veritable grounds for feeble laggards who would rather steal from others than apply themselves to legitimate livelihood. Your wrapped interpretation of my sincere post can not change what it is.

Las las, poverty would pounce on you all like a wounded lion.”

The actor wrote.

See Screenshot Of More Comments and Replies by The Actor:

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