Church, Christians Need to Transform Nigeria Through Exemplary Lives – Osinbajo

Vice President has listed some key principles for a nation to achieve greatness to include righteousness, service and diligence, hard work and planning as well as time consciousness.

Osinbajo stated this on Saturday at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Region 5, ‘Great Minds Summit 2019” at the RCCG’s Chapel of Blessing, Port Harcourt in his keynote address titled `Exercising Kingdom Dominion’,.

The Vice President who noted that the Church and Christians had the responsibility to transform the nation through exemplary lives and actions said that Nigeria, with its great talents in all fields of endeavour, needed to imbibe the principles that made other nations great.

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While also noting that the influence of the Gospel, alongside the right virtues, transformed not only Europe and America but also Asia, Osinbajo explained how Emperor Meiji in 1871, (within three years of the Meiji restoration) having observed the phenomenal progress of the West decided to send a mission to the UK and America to discover how they did it.

“The mission became known as the Iwakura mission. It was led by Prince Iwakura Tomomi; it was a team of statesmen, scholars, administrators and students totaling 50 to UK and America and find out why these people are great.

“Many left behind to study; they studied the principles that made these nations great and of course, the Japanese copy very well; they copied the principles, and later Chinese copied from Japan too.

“What were those principles? Righteousness, integrity, forthrightness; Proverbs:14:34-righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

“This principle applies to a man or woman; because a nation is first a person; Genesis 12:2, I will make you a great nation; first righteousness is the hallmark of the children of God.

“The second principle of the gospel which we need to practice is service and diligence; the principle of the gospel is that the greatest is the servant; the leader must be prepared to be the servant of all.

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“Hard work/planning –the puritanical work ethic; this is the hallmark of the Christian; the puritans were so hardworking; so diligent that hard work was named after them.

“Time consciousness, Ecclesiastes 3:1–to everything there is a season; a time for every purpose under heaven, preparedness.; we must be conscious of time.

“All these principles made those countries great because the believers in those countries took their responsibilities seriously,” he said.

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