Comedian, Wale Gates calls out a Northerner who claims Early Marriage for Children is better than Fornication

Comedian, Wale Gates Calls Out a Northerner who claims early marriage for children is better than early fornication.

Last week, a picture of a young couple who just got married in Sokoto state surfaced online. The groom is reported to be 17 and the bride 15.

The young bride and groom

A northerner on twitter, @realoilsheikh was in support of the marriage as he came online to state that Early Marriage is better than fornication on the picture of the married couple.

“Early marriage is better than early fornication.

Support your children to get married early if you can afford.

You will help their life in this world and hereafter.”

The man tweeted.

However,  comedian Wale Gates isn’t in support of this as he called out the man.

175 people RTed this nonsense ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Early Marriage doesn’t stop fornication or sleeping around.

“Support your children (barely educated teenagers with no jobs) to get married early if you can afford it” ?

And to those who can’t? ??‍♂️

Sell them off to an old man that can? ??‍♂️? ”  The comedian commented under the tweet.

See the rest of the conversation below:


“Someone in your shoes shouldn’t challenge anyone’s opinion or what he or she chooses to do with his or her life. That you can type whatever nonsense from your phone doesn’t make you the owner of everyone’s opinion or way of life.

When I choose to give out my daughter at this age”


“It will be wise not to bring your daughter into this conversation cos it can go south every fast. You have a brain at least engage it.”


“You don’t have a brain, not at all. If you have one, you won’t see what I want to do as nonsense because I am calling any idiot from the Wale’s to come & be part of this. Take your lane and allow people live their lives.”


Allow people live their lives by encouraging or forcing children with no means and responsibility to marry.
Dude! Dont you see the contradiction in your statement.”


Now it is out of your thickness that you’re imagining “forcing” here. Encouraging, YES PLEASE. Not just encouraging, even sponsoring it. And with my money ? & not that from your MC proceeds. Many of these children end up better couples than millions of you. Live with it.”


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