Crisis In APC As 36 Reps May Dump Party Before November 17

There’s a raging crisis in the governing party as several members are dissatisfied over the loss of their return tickets for the 2019 elections. There are strong indications that more members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the House of Representatives might leave the party over the loss of their 2019 election tickets.

Findings revealed that about 36 more aggrieved members could leave the party by next week. You should recall that up to 70 members had protested to the party’s appeal panel over the loss of their return tickets.

However, the appeal panel had only resolved 8 out of these cases in favour of the petitioners, thereby leaving the majority of the 62 out of the loop.

On Wednesday last week, Mr. Musa Soba, a member of the House of Reps from Kaduna, resigned from the APC during a plenary session in a bid to protest against the alleged “injustice”.

He had also revealed the intention of some other aggrieved members to start resigning from the party in batches. When contacted by news agencies, Mr. Soba revealed that about 36 aggrieved members would be the next batch to leave APC in the coming week.

He also added that 17 more members will follow suit before the 17th of November. In response to this statement, the Majority Leader of the House, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila in a quick reaction told news agencies that there are genuine and not-so genuine cases, which would be solved by the party.

These defection plans are being carried out despite renewed efforts from President Buhari to resolve the disputes in the party. According to reliable news sources, the President had summoned the aggrieved lawmakers to the Aso Rock Villa, just few days to the submission of the final list to thr electoral body, INEC.

However, an aggrieved member told our news sources that any meeting which doesn’t resolve the issue of their return ticket was a waste of time.

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