Fresh Attack In Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State Claims The Lives of 17 Persons

Over 17 persons have been confirmed dead in fresh attack on Ungwan Barde in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state by gunmen in the early hours of Sunday, March 10.

According to reports, the massacre comes after the death of a man identified as Danbuzu Beni who was murdered a day before (Saturday), as he went to his farm after voting.

A Report also has it that at the time when some members of the Ungwan Barde community realized that he was absent they took the decision to send a team of five persons to go and search for him

While they were on their journey, the team met some armed men who asked them to go back, leading to an exchange of fight between the two groups.

A further report has it that the five persons, who were on bikes turned to go, they were given hot pursuit by the armed men and in the process, four escaped but one of them fell and has not been seen since Sunday.

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However, the gunmen followed the villagers to their community and attacked the village on Sunday morning, killing 16 persons including children.

The Kaduna State Government has publicly come out to confirm the attack at Ungwan Barde community and extended it’s sympathy to the community and the families of the victims as well.

A statement from the Kaduna State Government read:

“Heads of security agencies in Kaduna state have informed Governor Elrufai of an attack on Ungwan Barde community by unknown bandits.

“The government condemns this violent attack and extends it’s sympathy to the families of the victims and the entire community. The security agencies have informed the Governor that measured are being taken to contain the situation and secure the general area. More troops have been deployed to the community while the Nigerian Air Force personnel are carrying out aerial surveillance and reconnaissance. The security agencies will provide further updates.

The Governor has also directed the State Emergency Management Agency to proceed to the community for immediate assessment and delivery of relief materials. The government appeals to all our communities to do their utmost for peace and harmony.”

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