Here’s what Mugabe is entitled to

Since he was forced to step down based on pressure from the military and the public, the ex-president who ruled Zimbabwe for 34years has not been seen in public since then. But being the ex-president comes with some lifetime compensation.

Here are what he is entitled to :

According to the Premium Times, Mr. Mugabe shall enjoy no fewer than the services of six security personnel, two drivers, two private secretaries and two aides-de-camp and two office attendants.

A furnished office with everything that a prosper office should consist of

A housing allowance as approved by the current president or a private resident will be built on his behalf based on approval as well

He, his wife and children will be entitled to free medical aids or treatments as the case may be

Himself and his wife will be diplomatic passports with first class treatments on air and railway travels within the country and outside at most four times per year.

He’s also entitled to vehicles specifically one sedan (Mercedes Benz S500 Series or an equivalent class of motor vehicle), one four-wheel-drive station wagon or equivalent, and a pickup van which the government will fuel and maintain these vehicles and will be replaced every five years.

The government will bear the cost for all of his utilities such as light, water, and telephone, both at home and in his office.

Looks like he will still be living like a president even if he’s not the president.

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