History of Bayelsa State Nigeria

Bayelsa State was taken out of the old Rivers State.  It came into existence on the 1st of October 1996, during the General Sani Abacha’s regime (Military Government). This State’s name was derived from the three major local Government Areas in Bayelsa State which is Brass Local Government Area, (BA ), Yenagoa (YE) and Sagbama  (SA). Bayelsa capital is Yenagoa, and the slogan of the State is “Glory of all Lands”. This State is part of the South south in Nigeria.

Ethnic Groups in Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State has different languages they include; Kolukuma, Ijaw, Mein, Bowu, Izon, Nemba, Epie-Atissa and Ogbia. There are four major languages commonly used for communication in Bayelsa state, they are; Izon, Nemba, Ogbia, Epie- Atissa and English Language as an official language.  Religion Aspect, there are majority of Christians and some traditional worshippers.

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Bayelsa State Population

In the year 2006 as reported by the National Population Census, Bayelsa State recorded a total of 1704,515 people with the number of males as 830,432 and females, 874,083

The size of the land area of Bayelsa state is 10,773km² (4,159sqim)

Local Government Areas in Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State has eight local Government Areas. They are;

  • Brass
  • Nemba
  • Ogbia
  • Kolokuma/Opokuma
  • Southern Ijaw
  • Yenagoa
  • Sagbama
  • Ekerema

 Map of Bayelsa State

Map of Bayelsa State
Map of Bayelsa State

 Wards in Bayelsa state

Bayelsa State has one hundred and five wards in total:

AAdagbabiri, Adoni, Agbere, Agoro, Amassoma I, Amassoma II, Amasoma III, Angalabiri, Anyama, Apoi,Asamabiri, Attissa I, Attissa II, Attissa III
BBassambiri I, Bassambiri  II, Bassambiri III, Bassambiri IV, Biseni I, Bisen II, Brass I, Brass Ward   II
C, ECape farmosa, Central Boma I, Central Boma  II, East Boma  I, East Boma  II, Ebedebiri, Eduwini I, Eduwini II, Ekpetiama II, Ekpetiama I, Emeyal, Epie I, Epie II, Epie III, Ewoama /fantuo
F, G, IForopa, Gbarain I, Gbarain II, Gbarain III, Igbedi, Igbeta –ewoama/fantuo, Ikensi, Imiringi
K, M, OKaiama, Kaiama/olobiri, Kolo, Koluama, Konsho, Mini, Minibie, Odi (central) II, Odi (North) I, Odi (south) III, Odioma/diema, Ofoni I, Ofoni II, Ogbia, Ogbolomabiri I, Ogbolomabiri II, Ogbolomabiri III, Okodi, Okoloba (sabagreia)  II, Okordia, Okoroma I, Okoroma II, Okoroma, Olodiama I, Olodiama II, Ologi, Oloibiri, Oluasiri, Opokuma North, Opokuma South, Oporoma II, Oporoma I, Oporomor I, Oporomor II, Oporomor IIII, Oporomor IV, Oporomor V, Opume, Os-inibiri, Osekwenike, Ossiama, Otakeme, Otuabula, Otuan, Otuasega, Otukpoti, Oyiakiri I, Oyiakiri II, Oyiakiri III, Oyiakiri IV
S, T, U, W, ZSagbama, Sampou/kalama, Sangana, Seibokorogha (sabagreia)  I, Tarakiri, Toru-ebeni, Trofani, Ukubie, West Boma, Zarama

Occupation in Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State people are mostly into fishing as a result of the State having lots of rivers. They are also into, farming, palm oil production, palm wine, lumbering, original gin (hot, tradition drink), trading, craving and weaving. Bayelsa State is also an oil producing State, were companies like NNPC, Total drill oil for human consumption.

Bayelsa State Culture

Bayelsa state is well known for their culture and heritage. The dry Gin plays an important role in their culture, because it is mostly used as libration to call their gods. This State practice ritual acculturation, they also believe in water spirit, special dance is offered like; the masquerade dance. Another one is from the Ijaw practice, a divination named Iagbdai (finding the cause of the death).

Government of Bayelsa State

The Bayelsa State has three Arms of the State which include:

The Executive Arm of Bayelsa State

This Arm is headed by the present governor, He selects the commissioners to head the ministries of the State.  Seriake  Henery Dickson is the present governor of Bayelsa State.

The Legislative Arm of Bayelsa State

The Legislative Arm is the house of Assembly of Bayelsa State; it is represented by a Speaker. It comprises of twenty four selected people representing the twenty –four constituencies of the State. Friday .K. Benson is the present speaker of the House of Assembly Bayelsa State.

The Judicial Arm of Bayelsa State:  this arm is headed by the chief judge of the State. Justice Kate Abiri is the present chief Judge of the State. His duty is to ensure that there is justice and fairness in the state.

Senatorial Zones in Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State has three main senatorial districts, which are;

  • Bayelsa East
  • Bayelsa West
  • Bayelsa central

Bayelsa East Senatorial District Zone

This comprise of the three local Government Areas  of Bayelsa state. They are;

  • Brass
  • Nemba
  • Ogbia

Bayelsa Central Senatorial District Zone

This comprises of the three Local Government Areas of Baysela State. They are;

  • Kolokuma /Opokuma
  • Southern Ijaw
  • Yenagoa

Bayelsa West Senatorial District Zone

this comprises of the two Local government Areas of Baysela state. They are;

  • Ekerema
  • Sagbama

Federal Constituencies in Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State has five Federal constituencies including;

  • Brass/Nembe
  • Ogbia
  • Sagbama/ekeremor
  • Southern Ijaw
  • Yenagoa/kolokuna/opokuma

Festivals in Bayelsa State

  • Fishermen Dance
  • Arogbo-Ibe day (Ijaw Festival)
  • Eke-gene
  • Ngu-sei
  • Egele
  • Egel Egbele sei
  • Eyal Awani
  • Wind and tree Dance
  • Seigbein Fishing/Feasting
  • Ogoriba Uge

Tourism – Interesting Places to be in Bayelsa state

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Bayelsa that attracts tourists to the State.

  • Nigeria Frist Oil Well , Oloibiri
  • Mungo Park Residence
  • Ossiama Fish Lake in southern Ijaw
  • Agricultural Palm Beach
  • Kaiama Markert
  • Okpoam Beach
  • Akassa Slave Transit camp and tunnel
  • Akassa wildage Forest

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