How to Get Your Prepaid Meter in Lagos

Prepaid metering is now the main topic of discussion concerning electricity supply as users of postpaid meters continue to grapple with estimated billing.

Although Lagos has Ikeja Electric Distribution Company (IKEDC) and Eko Electric Distribution Company (EEDC) as their service providers, this article will focus on how you can obtain your prepaid meter within the jurisdiction of the IKEDC. This article is also based on pure experience of how someone within the jurisdiction began the process and eventually got the meter installed by the contractors.

Note that the installation is not done by the distribution companies (Discos) but by private contractors, who have been saddled with such responsibility.

One of the reference materials that will also be used here was based on the roll-out of prepaid meters for customers under the Ikorodu Business Unit of the IKEDC. The deployment and installation of prepaid meters to customers in Ikorodu were carried out by one of its MAPs, New Hampshire Capital limited. The process began on June 17th, 2019, following the successful registration and subscription for meters by thousands of customers spread across Ikorodu and Epe.

The development came up after the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) empowered third-party companies identified as Meter Asset Providers (MAP) to procure and install electricity consumers.

In line with NERC regulations, customers must pay for meters removed installmentally as they pay for their light bill. Since it is an online process, you are to abide by the rules and regulations guiding the metering process and not pay cash to anyone or fall prey to unscrupulous elements who may want to take advantage of the scheme to fleece you and other customers. 

In the process, every customer is expected to go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process and agree on their outstanding debt. After this, an accounting survey will then be carried out before paying for the prepaid meter is made. 

For those applying for new meters through new accounts, the meters will be provided and installed within ten working days of payment. Customers who will pay in installments will be metered according to MAPs installation schedule. The activation process usually takes place after installation. This can happen within two working days.

If you fall into the part of customers who dispute their outstanding bills, you can take advantage of the various dispute resolution options available during the KYC process. The outstanding balance can also be rolled over into the customer’s prepaid account and paid in installments.

How much is the cost of a prepaid meter?

Our findings from the IKDC website show that the stipulated cost of a single-phase meter is N38, 850 while a three-phase meter is N70, 350. These are all-inclusive of VAT.

How does the application for a prepaid meter in Lagos starts?

To apply for the meter, you will need to visit to register. The interface provides options for both new and returning customers. 

As a new customer, you will enter your meter number. Once that is done, you will be asked to provide your email address and password to set up your account. Once that is done and submitted, a page for personal information loads. This is referred to as the Know Your Customer (KYC) page, where you are expected to supply your personal information to process the meter.



After filling the page and click continue, you will be moved to the arrears settlement page, where your current balance will be displayed. You are then provided with the option of either accepting the bill or dispute it.

Arrears settlement page of IKEDC

Afterward, a preview page opens to allow you to check on the information you fill before submitting it for final processing. When you click on save and continue, you are requested to contact a specific phone number for dispute resolution on the bill you disagreed with. You are as well given a date to argue the bill.

Once this process is completed, you are issued an Application Reference Number (ARN). This is the number used by each customer to pay for the meter when it is time to do so. It is also the number used to process the meter by the account manager posted to that location.
After completing the application, A MAP field officer will contact you within 30 days if there is a need for further information.
The line of communication to IKDEC includes or call on any of their phone numbers: 01-448-3900, 01-700-0250, and 0700-022-5543.
Since the meters are readily available, they can be gotten within two months if all the processes are followed.

You can click here to see the guide created by IKEDC.

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