“I Don’t Know How People Are Okay Dating Someone That Uses Words Like ‘Goat, Ode, Olodo’, On Them” – Lady

A Nigerian lady identified as Funmi on Twitter has complained about the use of insults as jokes or banters in romantic relationships.

According to her, it all jokes until they start to mean it. He also argued that children could pick up those words and there are other ways to throw banter without resorting to using derogatory words  “Ode, Mumu, Olodo.”

She wrote;

“I don’t know how some of you are okay being in a relationship with people that use words like goat, ode, olodo, mumu on you. And you think it’s cool and just jokes? Until they call you that one day and they mean it. Or you end up starting a family and your child adopt those words 

“You guys are saying I’m too serious. Yes I’m serious, there are so many ways to joke around rather than using such derogatory words on your partner in the name of jokes.”

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