Lady Robbed By Man She Went On A Date With

Looks like people are using different ways to rob as a lady narrates how her friend was robbed by a man she went on a date with.

She wrote that her friend met with the man at a restaurant and after a while he asked to use her phone because his “battery was low.”

However, he soon disappeared with the phone and was no where to be found.

She wrote:

“Guys, my friend was robbed this night and not by armed robbers or anything but by a guy she went on a date with.

“She met with the guy at a restaurant and everything and he was like his phone battery was low and he needed to make an important call.

“She gave him her phone to make the call, he kept going back and forth and that was how she didn’t see him again.

”I’m glad she’s safe. Please ladies let’s be careful out here o, these thieves are getting more creative ?”

The man also disguised by bringing along a business envelope tagged “confidential”. However, when the lady opened it after he disappeared, she found it empty.

This shit is actually funny as hell but not funny at the same time.

He even left a “business envelope” on the table that was tagged confidential and when she opened it, it was empty?,” she wrote.

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