Lagos State Police Nabs Man Who Uses a 16-Year-Old Boy For Prostitution

The Lagos state police operatives have apprehended a man who is believed to be the leader of a gay group, as well as a teenager for engaging in homosexuality.

The accused identified as Prince Chinecherem, 32, is known to be the ringleader of a gay gang who engages in their illegal acts in Lekki, Lagos police claims. Prince Chinecherem, 32,  was arrested together with a 16-year-old boy.

According to Lagos state Police Commissioner identified as Imohimi Edgal, Prince Chinecherem was using the teenager as a prostitute.

Chinecherem was known not to be only sleeping with the 16-year-old boy, but he was also giving him out to other gay men.

The Lagos state CP also added that both Chinecherem and the 16-year-old teen were discovered to be HIV positive after a test was carried out, which means their customers would have contracted same through sleeping with them.

The Lagos police CP stated that a teenager was found sneaking out of Chinecherem’s house at Ejigbo in a suspicious manner on the 22nd of January.

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Neighbours who were suspicious of his movement approached him and asked what he had gone to do in the house but he could not give a convincing answer to their question.

The suspicious neighbours then asked him to open a bag he was carrying and in it was used condoms with semen inside.

The Police CP stated that:

At this point, the boy revealed that Prince Chinecherem was his lover. The matter was immediately reported to the Police at Ejigbo and the said Prince Chinecherem was arrested for interrogation.

After the preliminary investigation, the matter was called for further enquiry by the Gender Section of the Command.

Both the suspects and the survivor were taken for medical examination and the result revealed that the survivor has long been introduced to the homosexual act. The worst is that both of them are infected with HIV virus which causes AIDS”.

Edgal stated that the teenager had been sent to health counselors for health talk on how to make the situation better for him.

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