Latest 2019 JAMB Brochure For Nigerian Students

The Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board, JAMB Brochure is usually made available for candidates who intend to take the UTME/DE exam. Also, the brochure is available both online and in print format. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the latest JAMB brochure. As well as how to use it effectively.

Also, candidates who have also been searching for Official JAMB Brochure that can now download it here.

Official JAMB Brochure 2019

The official JAMB Brochure contains information on all the faculties, departments offered by all Universities and degree awarding institutions. As well as for Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEI’s). In addition, the official JAMB brochure shows you the available courses and admission requirements. Furthermore, you can information on UTME/O’level subject combination in all the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Uses of the Official JAMB Brochure

The JAMB Brochure is a must have for all candidates who intend to sit for the JAMB UTME/DE examinations.

  1. First it guides candidates in selecting institutions and courses.
  2. Secondly, the JAMB brochure will guide candidates in completing their JAMB UTME/DE application forms correctly.
  1. Also, the JAMB brochure provides to candidates. As it guides in choosing the correct courses available in the candidate’s institution of choice.
  2. More importantly, the JAMB brochure helps candidates to choose the correct UTME/O’level subject combination for their course of choice.
  3. Finally, it gives candidates information on the admission requirements for their choice institution.

Latest Online Jamb Brochure

The online JAMB Brochure is undoubtedly the most convenient way to get all the relevant information concerning a candidate’s institution of choice.

The JAMB online brochure if free and can be downloaded as long as your device is connected to the internet. Also, the JAMB online brochure is well organized. Therefore you can easily find whatever information you are looking for. In addition, it is possible to print out any information you need as desired.

More importantly, the brochure can be downloaded in full (complete all-in-one brochure) or according to individual programs of your choice.

Download the Complete All- in-one Online Jamb Brochure

This is a single document that has the entire JAMB Brochure in it. This will save prospective candidates the stress of downloading several pages for different information in the JAMB Brochure.

So with this, candidates only need to download the single all in one brochure and find every information they need on it.

Important Note: The all in one online official JAMB Brochure is uploaded in PDF format. Hence, ensure you device has the correct software or application to handle PDF files. You can download the adobe reader for this purpose if you do not already have one.

Click the link below to download the complete JAMB online brochure.


JAMB UTME Brochure for all programmes and institutions

Candidates who do not need the entire brochure but just some parts of it can also download as desired. For instance, candidates who need specified information on different programmes for Universities. Click the link that corresponds to your programme of choice below. So you can get information on such;

Online Official JAMB Brochure for Universities

a. Administration

b.  Agricultural Sciences

c.   Arts and Humanities

d.  Engineering and Environmental Technology

e.   Education

f.  Law

g.  Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

h.  Sciences

i. Social_sciences and management studies

Online JAMB brochure for Polytechnics and Monotechnics

Click the link below to download the latest online JAMB brochure for polytechnics and monotechnics.

POLY and Monotechnics

Online JAMB brochure for Colleges of Education/ National Certificate Examination

There is a JAMB brochure for candidates who wish to gain admission into any College of Education. Click this link to download the latest JAMB brochure for NCE candidates.

NCE brochure

Online JAMB brochure for Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEI)

This contains all information you need to enter into an institution to get the National Innovation Diploma. Such as the list of courses and subject combinations.

Click link below to download the latest JAMB brochure for IEIs

Jamb brochure for IEIs

Visit for more information on JAMB brochure

Important Note

These documents are uploaded in PDF format. Therefore, ensure your digital device is capable of handling documents in PDF format.

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