Latest Nigerian Memes That Will Leave Your Ribs Cracking

Everyone deserves to laugh, and there is no better way to make everyone laugh than the list of 20 Nigerian Memes. The memes listed here is guaranteed to make you laugh no matter the present condition you find yourself in.

Nigerian Memes have been a constant thing in social media recently and will be for a long time to come due to its funny nature. The Nigerian Memes that will be listed here will surely leave you rolling on the floor.

Memes from the internet are created for the sole purpose of creating laughter by making and editing photos of celebrities or other popular people around. The Nigerian memes that will leave you rolling on the floor include:


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This is a funny Nigerian meme that explains what happens in Nigerian homes. Nigerian parents are fond of borrowing money from their children when they do not have cash at hand while they promise to pay them back whenever they get the money.
When it is time for Nigerian mums or dad to pay back the money they owe you, your mum will begin to explain how they carried you in their womb for nine months while your dad will talk about all the food you have been eating in your house since you were born. At the time this is said, you will keep quiet because you’re speechless. Don Jazzy’s face shows exactly how a Nigerian child will behave when they are told the same thing.

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This occurs well in Nigerian schools during examinations. However, it occurs to those people who do not read well for an examination, and they will be surprised on the reason why their fellow mates are making use of certain equipment like the ruler during an examination.
The student will exhibit that look because they are surprised about how other people are making use of a ruler, and they see no need as to why a ruler should be used.

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Haha This is one of the best Nigerian memes that made me laugh, and that is why it is among the list of funny Nigerian memes. Every school conducts a career day where people are to dress like what they want to become in the future.
Now in the meme, the two children dressed like a native doctor and a priestess. That means that they would like to imitate that profession when they grow up. The teacher in the school eventually chases them home because this kind of profession is not allowed or encouraged in schools.

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This particular meme shows the attitude that African parents exhibit to their young female children as to their relationship with the male gender. The first occasion depicts when a female child is 13 years of age, and they are advised to run away from girls while classifying boys as evil.
At 18 years, the female child is still being advised and warned to stay away from boys. However, when the female child begins to clock 25, their parents begin to ask about their boyfriends and when they plan to get married. They will also state that they want their grandchildren after years of advising their young daughters to stay away from boys.

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Nigerian parents are not often happy whenever they show a sex scene during Nigerian movies, and you are present with them. That is the more reason why they will give you this look for you to either leave the place or look away from the screen so that you do not get to see the sex scene that is being shown on the TV.

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There is no reason why you should be sad, go through the above-listed memes so that you can laugh again. You can find a lot more of the funny Nigerian memes on social media and the internet for your gain. The purpose of the meme is to make us laugh, and it is sure making us laugh; that is why it is serving a very good purpose in our existence.

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