Loving Daniella – A Movie on Unconditional Love

Getting it right is key to a peaceful life; most especially when you are choosing a life partner. You know? A lot of people dance into marriage with the wrong partners.  Sadly, when you see them after some years, you hear them whine and complain about these partners. They either complain about how the other party does not understand them anymore, or how they regret entering into the marriage. Loving Daniella is a unique movie that revolves around marriage, unconditional love, and sacrifices.

The Storyline of Loving Daniella

This film revolves around Efe and Daniella’s marriage. Well, a lot of people would endear these two with praises as their marriage is the perfect example of unconditional love. However, the occasional childish behavior of Daniella will make you wonder if this marriage would see the light of the next day.

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The Cast of This Movie

Alex Ekubo, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Barbara Anakwa, Bridget King, Jennifer Outland, Courtney Micheal, Jide Kosoko, Joseph Benjamin, Omar Mathurin, Rachel Oniga, Theresa Edem among others starred in this film.

Where to Watch

To watch the trailer, visit Youtube channel

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