Man Recounts How A Lady Bit Him At The ATM Stand

Nigerian man recounts how he was bitten by a lady at the ATM stand.

It started when the lady accused him of making the ATM retain her card. In vengeance, she tried to destroy his ATM card and while preventing her from doing so, she bit him on his hand.

“So I was bitten by a lady today @ gtbank egbe branch Bcos I refused to let her use the ATM (she shunted the queue) 

“She said I caused her card to be retained by the machine, so she dipped her hand in my pocket to destroy my debit card

“I held her hand like that and was dragging her to the security post, next thing, she bit me,” he shared on Twitter.

When asked if he took her to the police station, he revealed he couldn’t do so because even the policemen at the bank were begging him to let it go.

“Quite the rabid dog.

“I was ready to get her locked up 

“The policemen attached to the bank where begging me

“She said as shedding tears that her mom is on admission at general hospital 

“Hard to make a police case when the ones on scene are begging,” he wrote.


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