Man Recounts How His Girlfriend Almost Framed Him For Money Ritual Because He Wanted a Breakup

A man identified as Chris on Twitter narrates how his girlfriend allegedly tried to frame him up for money ritual because she tried to break up with her.

According to his thread on Twitter, they’ve been dating for 7 months and he’s been dealing with her toxicity. However, last night (Valentine’s day), they had a quarrel because she was flirting with another man.

She started insulting his mum and in anger he told her he wanted a break up. The lady then went into the bathroom and he overheard her on phone telling someone that he’s about to kill her and use her for money ritual. She also locker up the room and took the keys with her so that the boyfriend can’t leave the room or enter the bathroom where she locked herself.

Her plans however didn’t work as he was able to reach out to the hotel staff whom he had made friends with.

Read Full Story Below:

“My name is chris konor ehima, I am a web designer and developer and CEO webkon technologies.

“I’ve been dating this girl now for 7 months now with a lot of toxicity coming from her. But she keeps apologizing and I keep forgiving thinking that she’ll change.

Well, fast forward to last night. I came all the way from lagos to Benin to spend the valentine with my suppose girlfriend. I did a room and paid for 5 days straight which is suppose to end today, a day cost N10,000.

“I made sure she’s comfortable and even went as far as ordering a human hair for her last night but then we got into an narrat of how she was flirting with another guy in the same bus that I was and she became furious.

“I apologized and asked her to forgive me, I told her maybe it’s because we left the issue unresolved that’s why it came up from no where today which is a fact. This girl started talking up and down, started mentioning my mum and saying cruel worlds and insults about my mum.

“I warned her not to try it again, that my mum is not her mate. I was hurt about it all and just lyed down on the bed and made her understand that I’m going to break up with her because of how she spoke of my mum.

“Then I got on a business call, Judith went into the bathroom. While roaming round the room making my calls distracted I didn’t even know that she has locked the room doors and hidden the room keys in my own bag.

“Well, after my calls I wanted to get my keys from my bag when I over heard her speaking inside the bathroom although locked.

“I got closer and placed my ear on the door and to my greatest surprised she was calling people to come and save her, that I’m about killing her, that she thinks I want to use her for rituals. She started describing the hotel to them.

“My guy! My mind fly o!! I had to try to open the door, it was locked, me being social I already made a friend amongst the staffs of the hotel, I called the guy and told him that they should come with a spare key as soon as possible,

“they came, opened the door for me and Judith was already out. She switched off her phone to put more panic on the people’s heart she called.

“This was a girl I met, she was razz and dirty, I tried all my best to brush her up man. I’m not suppose to be saying this but I sacrificed for her.

“Fine she nor fine, package she nor package, I just thought I could build love, I even thought she was decent I never knew she was just depressed.”

Man recounts how his girlfriend almost framed him for money ritual because he wanted a breakup

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