More Vendors Call Out BBN’s Cindy For Breaching Their Agreement And Scamming Them

Ex BBNaija housemate, Cindy Okafor was called out by a vendor yesterday. The vendor accused her of posting a picture in a dress she was gifted without tagging them.

They had an agreement that she would tag them on Instagram as publicity after she was given a dress free. However, Cindy refused to do so.

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Shortly after the first vendor called her out, about 3 more have accused her of doing the same. @megarioempire shared her chat with the ex BBN housemate showing how she agreed to tagging them after they suggested to send her a shoe for free.

When Cindy received the shoe, she refused to tag them and when the Vendor contacted her, she replied saying she’d need 50,000 naira to tag them for a shoe she got for free.

See Chats Below;

Cindy Cindy

See more screenshots;

Cindy Cindy

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