Nigerian Police disclosed why it would withdraw personnel from VIPs

– The Nigerian Police Force NPF has made it known that it will withdraw personnel from Very Important Persons VIPs in the forthcoming election

– It also assured the safety of Nigerians, INEC and other stakeholders in the forthcoming election

As Nigerians head to the polling booths on Saturday for the 2019 Presidential election, the Nigerian Police Force NPF has disclosed it plans to ensure that the electoral process is peaceful and free of violence.

According to a statement released by the Nigerian Police PRO, ACP Frank Mba, he made it known that the security agency will provide adequate security for INEC officials which include permanent and ad-hoc staff.

The Police also assured that it will provide a level playing ground for all political actors, observers, accredited journalist and other stakeholders.

According to the NPF, it also made it known that it will withdraw it personnel from VIPs during the election for two reasons.

The Police disclosed that the first reason is to get more personnel to deploy across the country during the election and to also prevent VIPs from using the Police to get undue advantages.

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Below is an extract from the statement released by the NPF

Giving out the numbers of our personnel to be deployed for the elections is a strategic error, we won’t make such mistake. All our personnel will be involved in the election & having done our security threat assessment, we will deploy both human and material resources adequately.

We will be withdrawing our personnel attached to VIPs to achieve 2 things. 1. It will enable us have enough pool of personnel for deployment and 2. Having policemen attached to Politicians and VIPs may want to give them undue advantage over others which we won’t allow.

Our personnel have been trained adequately to approach incidence of Vote buying/selling and Ballot box snatching. our combat operatives will monitor politicians and the full weight of the law will be brought to bare on anyone trying to test our will on this.

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