Rita Dominic Sports White Sneakers To Cast Her Vote [Photos]

Nollywood actress and Co-founder of the Audrey Silva Company, Rita Dominic has shared pictures of herself casting her votes at the 2019 General Elections.

Last week, after the postponement of the Presidential Elections which was previously slated for 16th of February to the 23rd of February, 2019, the actress suggested that the postponement wouldn’t kill her interest in voting in any way. She made this revelation via her Twitter handle where she wrote:

“Well 23rd is next Saturday, we will still go OUT TO VOTE with more enthusiasm and passion, we can’t be stopped.” And she did just that.

The sexy diva shared a post of herself exercising her civic right and responsibility at the Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State.

In her post, the actress looked as stunning as ever in her white sneakers which looked like it was of the Balenciaga brand, black top and red bandana.

Rita poses for a shot in her red bandana, grey jeans, black top and white sneakers
Rita casting her vote

Prior to this, Rita has been vocal about her dreams for Nigeria as suggested by her tweets and retweets on social media micro-blogging site, Twitter.

In a video she posted, she said she was hoping to see a Nigeria that will enable and afford every one of its citizens basic healthcare. One that will cancel out the need to fly people with ailments and diseases overseas for treatments due to lack of medical facilities in the country.

She also said she hoped to see a Nigeria that had healthcare, power, education and every other thing put in place.

As the 2019 Presidential elections kick off in full force, it has become the most talked about issue on social media at the moment as Nigerians in their numbers, old and young, rich and poor, celebrities and none celebrities have come out to cast their votes peacefully.

Elsewhere, iDONSABI.com shared in one of its posts a picture that has garnered reactions from all quarters of the Nigerian populace. In the picture, President Buhari appeared to be spying on his wife’s ‘secret’ ballot paper. Check here for more.


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